What you need to know about interior design


Design is nowadays one of the most common and most used terms in the field of decoration, especially in interior design. What is this really about?

What is design?

Today, design is defined in several ways. Etymologically speaking, the term “design” would originate from the Italian word “disegno” which refers to drawing and project. Born in the course of the 20th century, design has become a discipline that aims to create decorative objects, graphic works or specific environments. Design can also be defined as a technique for creating objects that are aesthetic, functional and that meet the various requirements of industrial production. It is therefore important that the object thus created renders service and responds to a determined need.

Today, design is perceived from different angles. If the Anglo-Saxons perceive it as a conception, idea, project or intention, the functionalists consider it as a process aiming at giving shape to a function. Today, the term design is commonly used as an industrial object used in everyday life that has a rather sophisticated shape and a refined appearance.

Design in the world of decoration

In the field of interior design, the term design refers mainly to the general rendering of decoration, thanks to functional objects with sophisticated shapes and appearances, or clean lines. You can thus transform the classic decoration of a room into a particularly design interior, for example by replacing its main light source with an interior luminaire purchased from a lighting specialist such as Spot-lumiere-led.com.

You should also know that a design interior is characterised by the use of new materials. This original side thus makes it possible to qualify the interior of the room as a contemporary interior. It should also be noted that the colours used in a design decoration are flat, in order to let the shape express itself, without disturbing the look.