Summer heat: has your garden been damaged?

Garden damaged in summer

Every living thing is a victim when we talk about the heat of summer. But most of all, plants suffer during this period. They receive the heat directly from our beautiful sun. Let’s see what happens in our plant friends in the heat.

The effects of summer heat

Plants are very sensitive to both extreme cold and extreme heat: any excess is bad. That is why we must always keep an eye on our garden. Sunlight is the main ingredient for plant survival and growth. It promotes photosynthesis, which is the major, even essential, role of plants. But at high temperatures, plants limit their activities. To satisfy their need for water, even to limit their need for water to protect themselves, they stop growing and even stop producing flower buds. The violent light intensity causes an irreparable burn on the leaves. Worse still, poor plant watering followed by soil drying greatly affect plant evapotranspiration.

The importance of watering at the right time

You have to take good care of your garden not only in winter, but also in the middle of summer when our plants will have to face problems caused by a strong heat. It is necessary to advantage the watering. But above all, you have to water at the right time. It is necessary to turn to watering drop by drop for a continuous hydration at the roots. It is ideal to water once during the day and once in the evening at about two hours after the sun has darkened. However, if well water is used, watering at dusk should be avoided to combat thermal shock. This is because the well water is very cool and there will be a sudden change in temperature at the root. But it is especially necessary to abstain from not wetting the foliage to preserve the plants from cryptogamic diseases. Lawns should not be watered every day even in high heat, it is more economical to water them once every 2 or 3 days. They have a fairly resistant and accustomed resistance.

Other manoeuvres not to be neglected

In the middle of a perennial heat of the day, it is necessary to shade the plants in pots and the sensitive plants. Mulch bare soils to protect against extreme heating of the surface layer and to limit soil evaporation. This layer also limits weed growth. In a greenhouse, maximize ventilation by opening as much as possible. Shade is imperial in these times when the heat of the sun is stifling, it is also to protect against the burning of leaves under the effect of the magnifying glass. It is also necessary to think about pruning plants to limit evaporation. To do this, use disinfected and sharpened tools, and cut clearly 5mm above one eye. You must also maintain your garden well and eliminate all dead leaves and diseased stems.

The high heat wave causes a dysfunction of the plant balance. Dear plant lovers, we must take care of our green area especially in summer heat to protect them from the devastating effects of high temperatures.