Scholl and Hansaplast fight over feet

Beauté pour pied

With winter fast approaching, I decided to make a contest between two products: Scholl’s Velvet Smooth and Hansaplast’s Foot Expert.

With such cold weather, you have to pamper your little feet, especially mine which are quite sensitive and tend to crack. I regularly get my straps pulled up by my pedicure because I don’t hydrate them properly. The left foot was treated with the Foot Expert and the right foot with the Velvet Smooth for 3 weeks.

For your information, Velvet Smooth is a serum with hyaluronic acid + green caviar + pentavitin. According to the manufacturer, hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to contain and retain more water than any other component and Pentavitin™ is known to bind easily to the skin’s keratin to help maintain the skin’s moisture balance.
Foot Expert is an intensive cream that combines 20% urea and Aquaporin technology. According to their site, Hansaplast Anti-Skin Cream combines in an innovative way a Urea concentrate, known for its antiallosity properties, and Aquaporin technology. Its formula effectively stimulates the hydration of the skin in order to durably eliminate the callous zones.

I’m not going to let you down on the composition, nothing organic here.

In short, the active ingredients retain the skin’s moisture and have a deep action. They act on dryness, ageing and calluses. Commodities are therefore different but their actions go in the same direction.
As for the price, on we are at 8.49eur/30 ml for Scholl against 3.58 eur/75 ml for Hansaplast. No conversion required, one is clearly more expensive than the other.

Is the price worth it?

Action level, I did not use the products twice a day but rather once a day or even every other day (I have a goldfish memory and I have already said, I am lazy in my care routine, so I need products that are effective, even if I sometimes forget to put them diligently).
The serum is long to apply, it is certainly more liquid but it does not penetrate quickly into the skin. Even with a very small hazelnut, you should spend two minutes on its application to see more. Personally, I like its smell less but good, tastes and colors…
The cream is applied in a minute, some friction and small turns and hop, the product has penetrated correctly.

And what about the result?

Personally, I find that the foot treated with Foot Expert is more hydrated. Even if I forget to apply it for 3-4 days, it remains all soft and my calluses feel less, which I do not find in the Velvet Smooth which is nevertheless correct because my skin is no longer cracked but without this little more soft sensation and deep hydration.

So I vote without regret for Hansaplast’s Foot Expert à l’urea, which wins the competition hands down, or at least feet up.

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