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Why choose a code lock? The code lock is a creative method that becomes familiar regularly and is a real success. With this lock, you need a code to unlock and unlock entries. It can be placed inside or outside and can be activated either electronically or mechanically. The lock with mechanical code is seen, most regularly, on a padlock which is composed of an alignment of 4 to 6 wheels. Each wheel has numbers from 1 to 9, and it is the position similar to each one that activates the mechanism. For the electronic system, a housing can be seen on the side of the entrance. You can adjust numbers and letters. Increase your security level and facilitate unlocking and locking your access by using the code lock. atelier-du-sycomore.fr guarantees you an optimal installation on Picardie. Install a real lock for your peace of mind. Statistics show that 54% of thieves penetrate through the main lock. For this reason, the locking device of the entrance door must not be neglected. Only excellent locks can certify security against criminals. In your life, atelier-du-sycomore.fr can guarantee your insurance. Placed on Picardie, it performs all tasks related to locksmithing. So that you can make the right selection of your main door lock, our locksmiths are available to help you. There are several types of panic locks. It is an EN1125 compliant and CE certified lock. It is stronger in relation to the constraints, its maximum weight not exceeding 8 kilos. The price fluctuates between 100 and 1000 €, excluding the price of a specialist locksmith. atelier-du-sycomore.fr is setting up in Picardie, it offers you its efficiency in locksmithing. Our workers will be able to intervene at your place for the installation of your anti panic lock. In reality, we operate as well with specialists as these individuals. How to prefer a cylinder and its installation… The opening and closing of a lock are part of the cylinder. Having a conical configuration, sometimes dug or straight, it receives the key and operates its mechanism so as to open and close a door. if it presents faults, it can generate certain imbalances like a door block, which is what invites to choose good materials like those which one discovers in the famous warehouses in Picardy. Various luxurious materials in locksmithing are visible in the shop of workshop-du-sycomore.fr. An optical peephole in your home. This device does not resemble the locking system actually spoken, however it is very important for the quietude of your home. It is actually used to see who rings the doorbell before opening it. The right tools are the key to a real optical peephole. The peephole must be placed at the level of the head, well in the middle of the width of the door. Then drill the ideal spot and drill a hole 14 to 15 mm in circumference. We can distinguish on the peephole 2 parts, one inside and the other outside. It is useful to carefully examine the manner of the illustration process with a written copy. But if you hesitate of your competence in terms of DIY, atelier-du-sycomore.fr is there to assist you. With atelier-du-sycomore.fr in the vicinity, we will succeed in guaranteeing that all installations will be our priorities. Our experts come to you as soon as possible.

Door shoring

Claim a specialist for the adoption of a cylinder. The cylinder is an essential accessory for starting a lock, whether it is conical, sometimes hollowed or straight, the locking and opening mechanism of the key starts as soon as it is inserted. He is forced to be in a good position not to cause any trouble knowing a door stuck. This is a better cause to encourage you to get high-performance products in a large shop in Picardie.atelier-du-sycomore.fr, our locksmith shop is best known in the 80. Have your lock fitted on Picardie. The faired lock is a lock whose bar and mechanism are hidden in a raised beam, designated hood which covers the length of the door. By equipping your door with such a lock, it will be more hardened in addition to the design side that it will acquire. The entire rod is not visible on the door by installing such a lock unlike the others. In addition to the security it brings, it is pretty to look at. Its use is very practical. It has approximately the same properties as a surface lock. The advantage of such a lock is that it can be fitted according to whether you are right-handed or left-handed for more ease in handling with its handle made singularly. The lock is usually visible on large buildings or firm premises. For the installation of a faired lock, join us at for a short intervention, an effective tool and an economic price. How does the lock work? If you are looking for a strong and pretty lock, lean for a fairing lock. If you want to put your home in total security to feel more comfortable, it is necessary to opt for a fairinged lock. The advantage of this type of lock is that it is hidden behind the lock, under a hood or a lair. It is very decorative, because the whole closing circuit is hidden. In addition, you can accommodate the color of the cover or hood depending on the trim of your home. It is plausible that a guarded lock contains barricade points ranging from 3 to 10 points. How a tubular lock is corrected. The tubular lock has the same properties as the pin lock. The only dissimilarity is that the pistons are formed in a circle, around the cylinder, instead of being aligned at the top of it. This is why the key bit is circular. That is why its operating principle is a little more complex. It requires multiple hookings for the ability to be brutalized and requires the use of a “particular” round configuration key that is quite complicated to double. Generally on Picardie, the tubular lock is placed on bicycle locks and mailboxes. After a flight test, your lock may break. Workshop agents from du sycomore.fr are trained to intervene on the tubular lock. There are multiple ways to unblock a brutalized door. Install an optical peephole. Even if it is not really a classic locking installation, it is essential to have an optical peephole. Indeed, with the optical peephole, you will be able to see the individual behind the entrance without opening it. The right tools are the key to an excellent optical peephole installation. One cannot place it where one wants, one must study the excellent effective place for its use. For the installation, it will be necessary to drill 14 to 15 mm on its place. The peephole is composed of 2 parts, one inside and the other outside. Rely on the layout guide to place it seriously. However, if you are afraid of not being able to set up, consult atelier-du-sycomore.fr. Located in the 80, we work in Picardy and its surroundings. You won’t really be languishing too long before our agents come to Picardy. The installation of biometric locks. The biometric lock is a locking tool that is unlocked by means of digital marks. By examining the retina and around the hands, so she can check if the right person is entering the house. They are extremely more reassuring. Almost all houses are equipped with this type of lock. The biometric lock provides you with more security thanks to the organic identification of the inhabitants of the house, and this, by merging several systems of recognitions. atelier-du-sycomore.fr is in possession of some kinds of locks, in addition to biometric locks. Our technicians are available to assist you in your lock assortment according to your needs. If you need a specialist to carry out the assembly, we can delegate someone to your home.

Lock replacement

What is the use of designing a copy of a key? Having a spare key is always essential, especially if there are several residents in a house. Reproducing a key is expensive and some people take advantage of this opportunity to increase the cost. If you wish to make a simple reproduction, it can cost between 5 € and 30 €. For a reproduction from a lock, you need between 50 and 250 € and for the key of a car it varies between 30 and 200 €. atelier-du-sycomore.fr offers you to make several types of keys such as spare keys, duplicates, copies from the turn of your lock. We are in cooperation with qualified locksmiths who are skilled at creating a key. We are installed on Picardie in the 80 and we take care of all tasks in locksmith. If you wish to make a copy of your key, do not hesitate to contact us at The master key has multiple security levels. One notices the partial, the universal all-purpose key and the technique that is for technical places that is function of the room to be unlocked. Located in Picardie, atelier-du-sycomore.fr has a team of skilled and experienced locksmiths. We are available on for the manufacture of your master key. A technician from atelier-du-sycomore.fr for the design of your key. The imprisoned key has the quality that it cannot be removed from a lock, cylinder or lock in opening arrangement. Before ejecting it, it must first be in the closed position. The beneficiary will see his peace of mind strengthened with the same key. It is while the handle is well closed in the barrel that it withdraws. Automatic locking is activated when the door is in the opening stage. The handle thus remains immobilized as long as the key is inside. We distinguish this case of locks and keys in companies with valuable tools. In the event of a malfunction or broken key, call our competence in the area of correction. atelier-du-sycomore.fr to install you a good lock. We notice that 54% of brigands pass through the main door. That is why it is mandatory to choose the right lock for the main door. There is only one better lock that can keep the peace against burglars. atelier-du-sycomore.fr ensures your peace of mind in your daily life. Located on Picardie, it takes in hand all activities in locksmithing. Our competent locksmiths are available to advise you to carry the large lock for your main door. A lock to the standards proposed in the premises of atelier-du-sycomore.fr. Half the decomposition of the lock of the lock emanates from the breaks. Therefore, it is essential to increase the security level of your lock. To make the right election, we are always available at to guide you. There will be a technician who can react to all your requests. We live in Picardy and our incursion environment is focused on all tasks in fact of locksmithing. Call us on for more information. Request an expert for the adoption of a cylinder. The unlocking and closing of a lock is the responsibility of the cylinder. Having a conical configuration, sometimes hollowed or straight, it receives the key and operates its mechanism so as to declock and lock a door. This is what invites us to select the best materials such as those discovered in the famous warehouses in Picardy. atelier-du-sycomore.fr, our trade of locksmith is most famous in the 80. atelier-du-sycomore.fr to make your exits. Without a key on one, one endures the threat of staying for a while without going in or out. There are many models. The ordinary key for locking a lock and the master key, which can operate many locks. This model of key thus guarantees, with rather confused notches, the access of numerous doors, provided with distinct tubes, as in the professional places, the offices, the hotels, the communities, etc.