“Mer de sable” : Top level shows!

Mer de sable

Located in Ermenonville on an exceptional geological site, La Mer de Sable offers this year to visitors, young and old, 3 action shows worth a visit. Superb horses of course (this is the great house tradition), wild cowboy and Indian cavalcades, horse acrobatics and stunts of all kinds, but also this year’s comedy performed live by the young stuntmen (and stuntmen!) themselves. A clever thread links the 3 parts of the trilogy: from show to show, we follow the journey to Harold’s Wild West, a young man from the big city to visit his aunt, the famous Calamity Jane. With burlesque, tenderness or humour, the young hero’s initiatory journey will be filled with a thousand adventures that will in turn make him a glory of the Wild West…

At 11h30, it’s first “Coup d’Show on El Rancho”, one of this season’s creations. 20 exciting minutes where the young Harold finds himself enlisted by a salesman on the sly of a miracle elixir. The demonstration turns into a fiasco and starts a fight with a couple of raging farmers. Here, no horses, but a performance of actors and stuntmen. Replicas that flicker at a hell of a pace, from comedy to Terence Hill, and particularly impressive waterfalls. The falls from the top of the ranch’s roof leave the audience stunned, all the more so as the only girl in the cast, exceptional in her vitality and humor in her role of not tamed shrew at all, does not hesitate to throw herself recklessly into the void!

At 14h30, follows “Pour Une Poignée de Pépites” in the magnificent desert landscape that characterizes the Sable Sea. Harold got off the little train of the West, (in which I was – one should not miss the departure time to be part of the small hundred privileged spectators) finds himself this time mixed with a story of a gold digger married to a lovely squaw belonging to a very nice Indian tribe. The spouses have found a vein, and they reunite the skin-red family to party around the bags of nuggets. That would be without counting the infamous attempt of horrible criminals to seize the treasure!… Beautiful images of riders and horses, action, humour, it is an invigorating cocktail that this show offers us at the time of the nap in the sun.!

And at 4:30 pm, it’s the final bouquet with the now classic “Totètement à l’West”: Harold’s explosive reunion with his thundering auntie, Calamity Jane. Horse stunts and acrobatics at the rendezvous. The artists on the track, riders and horses, make a dazzling demonstration of their talent. The horses are beautiful, vigorous and full of life. As for the girls and boys in the cast, they jump, run, fall, fight, do impressive acrobatics at the grand gallop of their mounts, compete with each other in energy, skill and audacity in front of a delighted audience that applauds everything.

For the connoisseurs, I specify that the adjustment of the actions and the stunts was carried out by great professionals whose fame largely exceeded our borders: it is about Jackie Venon and Jean-Pierre Rumeau of the company “Cascadeurs Associés” which also ensures the formation and the training of the young stuntmans-voltigeurs that one can admire: Arnaud Leroux, Jean-Philippe Agarico, Mathilde Jousse, Cécile Parquet, Adrien Delbaere, Emilie Peigné, Alexia Costanzo, Samantha Bausch, Renaud Sahut, Louis Bujeau, Adeline Guignard, Deborah Zafrany and Damien Richard. The 21 horses, the 2 mules and the donkey that make up the animal team are under the authority of Mohamed Enahal assisted by Virginie Belloy.

Congratulations to La Mer de Sable for the originality and quality of the shows on offer. It is probably not by chance that the same quality can be found in the reception staff and attractions. So a warm advice: if you hate being happy with your family, don’t go to La Mer de Sable, you’ll risk sharing a big bowl of air, lots of fun, and unique moments!

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