Eco Tourism

The follow-up of the winners of the 2007 Responsible Tourism Trophies

What has become of the Laureates since 2007?

What progress has been made?

< wanted answers to these two questions, which are very logical for a company that has a long-term commitment to responsible tourism. With the help of BEIRA.CFP and thanks to an active contribution from the Laureates themselves, is putting online the simplified results of an initial follow-up carried out during the summer of 2008. A summary report and a description of a breakthrough illustrate the progress made by each Laureate.

Some key elements of Fran├žois Tourisme Consultants’ balance sheet

A growing success for Ecorismo, the annual forum and exhibition on eco-techniques in all tourism professions.

There is a real demand for capacity building in environment and sustainable development.

FTC has launched the formula of professional clubs to exchange, share the identification of techniques and good practices.

The creation of the Ecorismo Lauriers and the Ecorismo Academy strengthens the position of the show and FTC in its specific niche of expertise.

A remarkable advance: the Ecorismo Academy

The creation of the Ecorismo Academy is the major advance of 2007-2008. This operation consists in offering training modules, on site, to an audience of professionals within or between companies on environmental issues, policies and certification.

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