Highlights of the 2018 Football World Cup

FIFA World cup

You missed all the best moments of the football World Cup? Here is the summary of all the moments of the 2018 World Cup in Russia!

France won its 2nd Football World Cup.

It is this event that will go down in football history. France won its second star in this competition, which brought together the best football teams in the world. Moreover, a documentary directed by Emmanuel Le Ber and Théo Schuster retraces all the moments lived, between Didier Deschamps’ striking debriefs and the intimacy of Les Bleus de la génération 2018, at the heart of the Russian epic.

A beautiful demonstration of Russian hospitality

Vladimir Putin made sure that the sporting event. The sporting event went almost well except for a few couacs. At the opening of the ceremony, the organizers chose singer Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams gives the live audience a finger at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. Why did the artist do this just minutes before the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia? That remains a mystery. During the France – Croatia final, 4 streakers in uniform intervened on the field at the 53rd minute of play. The 4 members of the Pussy Riots were quickly expelled by the police after some friendly exchanges with the players. Activists wanted to raise awareness about the ill-treatment of political prisoners in Russia. The 4 protesters were sentenced to 15 days in prison for “breaking the rules of spectator behaviour”.

The underdogs are out.

Two favourites surprised by their disappointing performance against their opponents. The most notable was the title-holder’s stinging failure: Germany. It all started well with the victory over Sweden (2 – 1). The Mannschaft failed to win against Mexico (0 – 1). The South Koreans gave the final blow (0 – 2) on the last day of the group stage.
Argentina managed to disappoint their loyal fans. With Diego Maradona as coach, the Argentine players were held in check by Iceland (1 – 1). Worse still, the Albiceleste were humiliated by a Croatian team led on the pitch by the talented Luka Modric. With France in the Round of 16, the Argentine team ended up leaving the competition (4 – 3).

African Nations

Of the five African teams, none managed to make it past the Round of 16. Not seen since 1982. Egypt were eliminated with three straight defeats. Morocco managed to win a tie against Spain (2 – 2). Nigeria were beaten by Argentina (2 – 1). Senegal lost against Japan (2 – 2) with fair play, i.e. the sharing was based on the number of cards received during the match. Finally, Tunisia fell into a very complicated group. Against England and Belgium, she saved the furniture against Panama (2 – 1).

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