Does the tablet become indispensable in the life of seniors?

Tablet for senior

Many seniors do not wish to live in a retirement home and want to remain independent. Choosing a retirement home or not is a dilemma that we all know. We’re afraid of falls, isolation, and that’s normal. To solve these problems while leaving a certain autonomy to our seniors, devices are regularly revealed to facilitate their life, and we will present two of them to you in the form of tablet.

Teleassistance on Life

A small revolution in the world of remote assistance, Arkéa on Life has teamed up with the manufacturer Archos to imagine a tablet a little special. The company that develops offers for seniors and the manufacturer have launched the challenge of designing a remote assistance tablet connected to a bracelet dedicated to over 80 years. It will be marketed in early 2017.

In practice, if an elderly person falls, they can press the emergency button on the bracelet connected to the tablet. A teleoperator can then respond directly and activate the video function to reassure the senior and intervene at best. Of course, in case of power failure, the internal battery of the tablet takes over for 24 hours. Two other interesting features are integrated into the tablet:

  • The “health advice” option allows you to contact a general practitioner at any time in case of doubt about the dosage of a medication or a prescription.
  • The “Famileo” application, a private social network that allows the family to share photos and messages that are displayed directly on the tablet.

The Ardoiz tablet from La Poste (France)

This time, La Poste joined forces with Archos to produce a tablet dedicated to seniors. Launched officially and nationally on October 6, 2016, the tablet is a success and receives very good feedback.

It is supplied with a protective cover, practical sheets, and an assistance number. The touch interface, developed by the start-up Tikeasy, is particularly intuitive and adapted to seniors by offering very good readability (font size can be modified) as well as voice synthesis.

In terms of preinstalled features, we find the possibility to exchange with your family (emails, photos, video communication, family portal,…). Games known to be played by seniors such as sudoku or arrow words are also present. Information applications are also available (news, weather, TV program, access to Notre Temps magazine, etc.).

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