Cryo Minceur Geomer anti-cellulite gel

Anti cellulite Gel

“Bye bye cellulite in 21 days” or “satisfied or reimbursed” are the two slogans put forward by the French laboratory Géomer concerning their anti-cellulite Gel Cryo slimming

Well before the summer, a consultant contacted me to discover the Geomer Laboratory and the different products it offers. It is essentially natural care inspired by Chinese medicine ideally tailored to meet the needs of their customers.

Tailor-made? How?

By offering interested persons to answer a questionnaire and subsequently, by following up customers personally throughout the use of the products; thus, within 90 days of purchase, if the customer is not satisfied, he can get a refund. It is a daring and risky bet on the part of Géomer, but a successful bet since according to their figures, in 85% of cases a customer who has used a product at home remains loyal.

Geomer products are guaranteed paraben free, peg free and above all, not tested on animals.

During the months of June and July, I had the opportunity to test a hair care product, the Phyto Douce emulsion (which will be the subject of a future review) and the Cryomer gel specially designed against the famous pads on which much greater fixation is made during the summer period. It contains many active ingredients, especially caffeine, ivy and tea extracts, all three known to be effective against orange peel.

As for application, the gel is light salted butter caramel color, slightly sticky and very fragrant, the presence of menthol and camphor remind me of my youth simply because they remind me of the Vicks that my mom used to massage me on my chest and back when I had a cold.

This Cryo Minceur treatment can be combined with Amplitude 5 : a synergy of heating and toning essential oils that I love! It is a mixture of cinnamon, thyme, mint, sage, pine and cypress. When you open the blue glass bottle, you feel like you’re in the middle of a forest of fir trees filled with cinnamon shortbread cookies!

Caution: both gel and essential oils cannot be used by pregnant or nursing women and even less on children (under 7 years).

What do I think?

If we want to see results, we must apply exactly what is prescribed. So every night after the shower, I spread a good layer of gel on my thighs (the only areas affected by cellulite) and took advantage of it to roll. Instantly, the smell of camphor takes our nose, we have a feeling of cold on our legs, we must keep the care at least 20 minutes and if we want we rinse it afterwards. Personally some nights when it was very hot I would fall asleep with the gel.

It is not mandatory to use the synergy of essential oils. According to my desires sometimes I added it, sometimes not. The advantage of adding he is that they warm up the gel and amplify its effectiveness (skin penetration).

After 1 month of use, I was already seeing the results, the orange peel effect has faded particularly well, the result is indeed amply satisfactory, ideal for those who are impatient not to see their cellulite fade quickly !

At the same time, it’s important to be well hydrated and exercise (swimming, running, cycling… there’s something for everyone).

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