Who killed the Palestinian Ambassador with an exploding safe, and other questions

First, Happy New Year! I closed my FB page – keeping up with the comments was too time-consuming. Here, I can decide when I want to set time aside... Read more »

Travel to India can sometimes be a journey back in time.

In the south of Karnataka, but far from the high-tech Bangalore, the world dominated by the Mital and the Tata, it is another world that we discover. In Belûr,... Read more »

“Mer de sable” : Top level shows!

Located in Ermenonville on an exceptional geological site, La Mer de Sable offers this year to visitors, young and old, 3 action shows worth a visit. Superb horses of... Read more »

Carina BARONE: un Naïf à l’honneur!

The 28th Salon Régional de la Vallée de l’Eure welcomes this year a very talented and unique guest of honour: the naive painter Carina Barone. Carina Barone, an Austrian... Read more »

Andresy – Capital of naif art

Every two years, and to our great pleasure, Martine Clouet and the International Group of the “Naïve” Modern Primitives exhibit in Andrésy the works of a magnificent selection of... Read more »

The Comitted naiveties of Carina Barone

Limousin offers us a beautiful event, in this summer period, with its 8th Biennale d’Arts Naïf et Singulier. Located in the magnificent Halle au Grains in Saint-Junien, the exhibition... Read more »