Carina BARONE: un Naïf à l’honneur!

Carina Barone - La mort en vacances

The 28th Salon Régional de la Vallée de l’Eure welcomes this year a very talented and unique guest of honour: the naive painter Carina Barone.
Carina Barone, an Austrian mother and opera singer of French and American nationality, seems to have lived several lives throughout the world. Before devoting herself to painting, she was over time a top model, actress and trapeze artist…! After a great modeling career, she has shot more than 30 films in cinema and television and has been the partner of prestigious actors such as Anthony Quinn, Martin Sheen, Jean Rochefort or Lauren Bacall. She has also performed extensively in the theatre, sung and danced in numerous musicals, and participated in “L’opéra de 4 sous” under the direction of the brilliant director Giorgio Strehler. But that’s not all. To complete the picture, she also attended Annie Fratellini’s National Circus School before becoming a high-level trapeze artist!!
It’s already a lot, but it couldn’t be enough for Carina Barone and her incredible appetite to live and create. That’s how she decided one day to become a painter.
As she herself writes in her “Words of the Painter”: “I painted my first painting as a challenge. Some kind of bet. The second was to survive the pain in a great moment of loneliness. The third one out of curiosity. Surprise. I found out I liked it. And that I could never do without it again.”
For more than 15 years now, she has devoted herself entirely to painting, in the style she has chosen and which she defends with enthusiasm, generosity and exuberance.

What is remarkable in Carina Barone’s work is that her paintings aim at the heart, and touch us at the epicentre of our childhood dreams… I have already written about her “that she gives the impression of “repairing” the world with her brushes, and of making it like new, original, exciting, animated by a joyful and colorful faith in humanity. His work is one of those that bridge the gap between the particular and the universal, and that signal the artist of exception.».
Carina Barone’s colours radiate with enthusiasm, and in the poetic dream where she takes us, Death, herself, is on holiday, as the title of one of her paintings tells us!
Carina Barone distinguishes herself from the other Naîfs by her resolutely modern style. Not the slightest nostalgia at home for a paradise lost, for a beautiful past era. The wonderful is here and now, is in the contemporary. Her characters, her subjects participate in today’s world, and even when the story she tells us is a “great story” or a religious one, the point of view adopted, the way of painting, are those of an artist who draws her inspiration from the present time. But what makes the difference in her work is the way she looks at the world and guides her brush: tender, sensitive, benevolent, in love, Carina Barone’s eyes know how to see and give us to see the beauty and happiness behind the surface of things.

His painting “The Children in the Trees”, a superb large-format composition, synthesizes all that characterizes his painting: who would have dared to tell in this way the true story of these Jewish children who took refuge in a boarding school, and saved by the righteous who hid them in baskets hung in the trees? Everything is there: the little black men representing organized crime up to the genocide, the hieratic heroism of the righteous, the children who will be miraculously saved, but also and above all the painter’s bias which, in a radical way, chose to base his ethics and his conception of the world on hope.
Carina Barone is a naïve painter today recognized: this summer she exhibited in the gardens of Luxembourg, under the aegis of the Senate, with the International Group of the Modern Primitives known as “Naïves” chaired by the great painter Martine Clouet. Invited last year to the Salon Comparisons, as part of Art en Capital at the Grand Palais, public prize 2008 at the Salon des Arts Plastiques de Châtillon, Carina Barone has received numerous awards throughout her career. She has exhibited all over Europe and also at the Musée International d’Art Naïf de Vicq which acquired one of her paintings to integrate it into its collection. The Musée International d’Art Naïf de Magog in Quebec also wishes to include another of his paintings in its permanent collection.

Madame Barone’s last painting is called “Le mouton noir”. It is exhibited at the 28th Salon Régional de la Vallée de l’Eure for the first time. “It’s a commission, certified the painter, Thierry Wald, who is a talented sculptor and also the organizer of the show. I told him that we naive painters were often considered black sheep. It made him laugh, and he asked me to make a painting about it!”
Mission accomplished. The painting shows this sheep like no other which separates from the herd to go towards a field of stones where only a few flowers grow… It is not the appetite which attracts it, but well and truly the delicious scents of art and poetry. It is, without doubt, the same perfume that led Thierry Wald to honour the “black sheep” Carina Barone, an animal of painter really like no other.
68 other artists, painters, sculptors, photographers present more than 250 works in the magnificent Maurice Leblond room of Maintenon-Pierres. Lovers of art from Normandy and elsewhere, it is a very beautiful exhibition not to be missed, and which, we have no doubt, will obtain a well-deserved public success.

28th Regional Exhibition of the Eure Valley
Exhibition from 26 September to 4 October 2009
Maurice Leblond Hall
28130 Maintenon-Pierres
open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm and weekdays from 2pm to 6pm
List of Awards and Winners:

  • Regional Council Prize: Jean-Pierre Tissier
  • General Council Prize: Chantal Richer
  • Maintenon City Award: Poh Lin Sing
  • Stones City Award: Guy Boulmé
  • Prix du salon – Painting: Marie-Claire Poussier
  • Exhibition price – Sculpture: Co (Corinne Delouvrier)
  • Exhibition price – Photography: CGC (Jean-Claude Conrad)
  • Theme prize: Pierre Haugazeau

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