Andresy – Capital of naif art

Martine Clouet et le Groupe international des Primitifs Modernes dits "Naïfs"

Every two years, and to our great pleasure, Martine Clouet and the International Group of the “Naïve” Modern Primitives exhibit in Andrésy the works of a magnificent selection of painters representing the naïve pictorial current. I had already had the opportunity to write all the good that I think of this group so much the quality of the paintings and the hanging is with the appointment with each of their exhibitions. Andrésy’s previous Biennale was dedicated to a superb tribute to Douanier Rousseau, this one is once again (but we never get tired of it!) a celebration of contemporary “Naïve” Art where 34 painters who have never betrayed their childhood dreams, jump up and down in multicoloured puddles and splash their art on astonished visitors. A small precision for the neophytes: the art known as “naïve” is neither a childish art, nor an infantile art. He asks the artist who chooses this path to dive into himself without a net, to seek his own unique, particular truth, to expose himself without shame, far from fashions, schools, prohibitions, diktats and merchants. The so-called “naive” artist is free before the Lord. He seduces the general public, but also disturbs the small oligarchy of the pictorial world who never manages to get him into line to put him under the orders of the “artistically correct”.

Martine Clouet, Carina Barone, Catherine Musnier, Jean-Jacques Mangin, Annie Courtiaud and all the other painters of the International Group of the Modern Primitives known as “Naïves” are the representatives of a freedom of creation which is nothing less than an inestimable jewel. Let us make no mistake, the freedom given and given by the art called “Naïve” is profoundly modern because it is accessible to all, shared, commented and judged by all. In art, it is revolutionary in the same way that, socially, the Internet has revolutionized the relationship between the individual and the universal. But back to Andrésy and the artistic miracle currently taking place at the Espace Julien Green. 34 painters, 34 styles, 34 worlds of colors and shapes that are divided into hundreds of original works, varied as many facets of the soul of each painter. An infinite kaleidoscope of emotions, a rainbow of the warmest, most human, most fragile in each of us. It is enough to have the eyes open and it is an immediate contact, an instantaneous sharing, a surprising happiness, without limit nor border. A stone’s throw from the blocks of ice carried by the Seine in these periods of frost, a bonfire burns in this 7th Biennale of Naive Art of Andrésy. And it will warm the hearts of all painting lovers.
The exhibiting painters:
Carina BARONE, Denis BAUQUIER, Ada BREEDVELD, Bernadette BROUZES-BAILLY, Martine CLOUET, COLEEN, Annie COURTIAUD, Thérèse COUSTRY, Mile DAVIDOVIC, Corinne DELHAYE, Elisabeth DEPUISET, Alain DONNAT, Monique DURAND-DAVID, Louise GATTET, Maria Cristina HAIZE, Charlotte JULIAN, Jean-Pierre LAGARDE, Christian LLOVERAS, Jean-Pierre LORAND, Jean-Jacques MANGIN, Régine MOURARET, Catherine MUSNIER, Michel NAZE, Per-Olof OLSSON, Carole PERRET, PUCE, Nancy REYES, Josy RICHEUX, Nadia SENYCZAK, Marie Line SULLE, Olaf ULBRICHT, Guido VEDOVATO, Giuliano ZOPPI, Peintres Haïtiens

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