Can you really make money by Blogging? If so, how do you go about this?

Money By Blogging

I was wondering if people can truly make money by Blogging? If so, how do you go about this? Do you need to be extensively skilled on the computer? thanks…………….

Yes, but it’s not easy, expect to work 3 times harder than a normal job. No you don’t need to be extensively skilled, but you need to learn the do’s and dont’s when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

First, you need to figure out how to make money. Do you want to sell things, do you want to make money by putting Ads on your site (Google Adsense, Adbrite, Yahoo Publisher Network etc.), or do you want to make money promoting other peoples products so when people click on a link and buy something you get a commission (This is called affiliate marketing). I do all 3. On some websites I sell things, some I make money from ads, and some I make money from promoting affiliate products. Sometimes you need to try different things to figure what works best.

Most importantly, you need to figure out how you will get people there. Don’t expect many people to find your site in Google and other search engines at first. That can take months, even years to get significant traffic from search engines. So you need to aggressively market your blog. What I do is I join forums and put links to my blog in my signature on those forums. So each time I post something, my link goes with it (I don’t do it on here because people report you here, plus it’s no-follow links). Learn about No Follow and Do Follow links. You don’t want to post too many links on sites that are no-follow, because then Google thinks you’re a spammer and will penalize your site and you won’t rank high. But it’s also good for your site to have a certain amount of no-follow, so it doesn’t look suspicious. If all your links are do-follow, that’s just as bad as all no-follow (but more do-follows than no-follows are ideal). So I recommend 40-80% do-follow, and the rest no-follow. Yahoo is a no-follow site, Ezine Articles is a do-follow. Ehow is a no-follow. Google “do follow sites” to get a list because those are harder to find than no follow.

Personally, I’ve found that videos work best for initial traffic. I send people to my blog by making videos related to the blog, usually slideshows, and then advertise my blog on there. I don’t use blogspot, I use a real website, so I have a short domain name that doesn’t have at the end. People are less likely to go to blogspot sites.

Now most of my money comes from google ads on my sites, I’d say 75%. If you choose to go this route, remember, what you blog about is what determines what ads show up. If you blog about lawyers, then you will have lawyer ads. Blog about celebrities, and celebrity ads will show up. Different subjects pay differently. For example, I have a website that is related to Import and Export. People who click on my import/export ads make me around $1 per click. I have another site that is related to Justin Bieber and I only make about .07 cents to .25 cents per click on that site. However, I make more money from the Bieber site than the other site, because I get much more clicks. It’s easier to advertise the Bieber site and easier to get people to the site. So the higher paying keywords are good, if you can figure out how to get people there. Sometimes it’s better to go with lower paying keywords since it’s easier to advertise.

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