Bring more finishing to your home with the awning boat


The awning is considered as the decorative touch of a house style. Really trendy, this type of awning is becoming widespread today. Combining elegance and modernity, it is chosen above all for the many advantages it brings. Its practicality makes it a useful decorative element.

Boat blinds instead of curtains

The principle of the awning is simple. It is a fabric element equipped with an opening and closing system. Its name comes from this system. When opened, the top of the awning folds back forming waves. When closed, the whole thing relaxes completely. Generally made of fabric, this simplifies its use. Used for the interior, it allows a room to be darkened in a relative way. Relative, because this type of blind does not completely hide the brightness. It allows at most to dim the light. It thus creates a certain atmosphere, as it considerably slows down the heat. Ideal to enjoy a beautiful summer day. Original decorative element, it is used for living rooms. However, the fact of using the fabric makes it not very resistant. This blind will not be suitable in rooms like the kitchen.

Blinds within everyone’s reach

The awning has many advantages. The fact that it is made of fabric makes it affordable. This is because it belongs to the range of classic curtains or blinds. Thanks to the present system of opening, one improves its decoration with the wire of the day. And for decoration, it is used with different kinds of fabrics that evolve according to trends. If it is less resistant, it can however offer an easy opening and closing. All you need is a simple cord or chain or, for the most advanced models, an automatic motor. When it comes to choice, it is important to take a solid canvas. The colors are chosen according to his desires.